6p1p amplifier

Resources saved on this page: MySQL Show 50 post s from this thread on one page. EDIT: This design has changed many times. Read through the thread. The last posted schematic in the thread is the most current. According to Push Pull Calculator the numbers look interesting. Since I have the parts laying around I though I might build the following "stupendous" design. In case it isn't clear, the k grid resistor is shared.

In reality, if this sounds anything like it sims to spec, It's a contender to replace more expensive tubes such as b, providing electric power is cheap where you live. I'm fortunate enough to have my electricity included in my rent!

What do you all think of this? Be careful. Matched tubes may not be matched at the operating point you use them at. It is much more complex: but separate current sources, and separate bypass capacitors for each tube are suggested or more easily, separate self bias resistors plus separate bypass capacitors for each tube.

6p1p amplifier

The resistors method will give easy measurement of the current in each tube, both when you start new, and when you have used the amp, i. I know. But that's what I have. They aren't matched, and they don't need to be. The LMs take care of that. They ARE all separate, one set for each tube. I guess it wasn't clear in the schematic. The real point of the CCSs is the idle current balance.

From my experience these coils are VERY forgiving. I've seen a 10ma mismatch at sound levels that don't reveal it. I would have just gone for a pair of more powerful output valves than use multiple pairs.

Remember, I'm using them in triode. You're right, though. They are excellent tubes.

6P1P Single Ended tube amplifier

However, if I didn't have these tubes already, I would have bought 6P43P. It works best with essentially lower supply voltage V and load impedance. Some 5k is optimum as it is 8k for EL As a triode and above parameters, some 11 W is available.

These are the results with actual amplifier, not simulations.

6p1p amplifier

Attached the test circuit.All our tubes are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of purchase. Any exceptions will be noted on that tube's Warranty tab If you receive a tube that does not perform to the manufacturer's specifications, please do the following: - contact us to get a return authorization - return it via regular mail within 90 days from when we shipped it, and we will provide an exchange or refund of the full purchase price of the tube.

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NOS 6p15p-EB.

6p1p amplifier

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours. Quantity discounts available. Quantity Price. Add to Cart. EB is the premium version. The popular Monoprice 25W hybrid amp model used two of these. They refer to them as 6P15 tube. The 6p15p-EB tube is the Russian version.

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If you have a Monoprice 50W amplifier model you will require the 6P1P power tubes. Other Russian tubes.Our Shop by Amp category for hifi audio tube amps includes the most widely known and most common tube amp brands More Details. You will find replacement tube packages in different option levels ranging from Upgrade to Premium and some OEM tubes. These options will improve the sound quality of your tube amplifier and still meet any budget.

Let us provide our knowledge and experience to help you choose a vacuum tube package that will work great in your preamp and tube amp. If you do not find your amplifier listed we can still help you improve its sound. We recommend you begin with our tube reviews to help narrow down the options. This will help you come up with your own tube package. Be sure to look at the Additional Info tab when viewing a tube package.

This tab will provide bias information, and when available, downloads such as schematics for tube amps, tube biasing instructions, and other worthwhile information. Javascript is disabled on your browser. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Home Audio Tube Packages Our Shop by Amp category for hifi audio tube amps includes the most widely known and most common tube amp brands Atma-Sphere Amps.

Audible Illusions Preamps. Audio Research Amps. Balanced Audio Technology Amps.

6p1p amplifier

Cary Audio Amps. Conrad Johnson Amps. Elekit Amps. Jolida Amps. McIntosh Amps. Monoprice Amps. Prima Luna Amps. Quicksilver Amps. Rogue Audio Amps.I needed a polyvalent guitar amplifier — good clean tones and full push-pull power tube distortion at a low sound level, for practicing at home, so I started building this project. To keep the output power low, being able to overdrive the power tubes in push-pull at the same time, I chose a low screen grid voltage of only v:.

The curves of the 6P1P tetrode at v screen voltage. The 6P1P are fixed biased using stacks of LEDs this helps with a very fast recovery from overloadand the current balance between the push-pull tubes is done by adjusting the screen grid supply voltages.


The preamplifier part has two channels, one clean and one distorted, inspired from the Dumble schematic. The coupling caps are high quality — teflon for the clean stage and PIO for the following stages. There is an FX loop connexion just before the power stage. The channel switching is done with relays, controlled with push-buttons or a foot pedal.

There is a switchable T-pad attenuator on the output for an even lower volume. The amplifier was built in the chassis of a cheap solid state Marshall amplifier, which proved perfect for this project. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. Skip to navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to secondary sidebar Skip to footer Firebottles! Tube audio DIY. To keep the output power low, being able to overdrive the power tubes in push-pull at the same time, I chose a low screen grid voltage of only v: The curves of the 6P1P tetrode at v screen voltage. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a comment Comments 0.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Shanling D3. Shopping Cart: Your cart is empty. Top Sells. Recent Orders. Displaying 1 to 20 of 41 products. Features: 1. Good separation, left and right channel split structure 2. Relay precision resistor network control 4. Volume is accurately displayed using LED digital screen 5.

Remote control, switch freely 6. Each channel uses 2 B tubes, 3rd stage, Class A push-pull output, 5Z3P bile rectifier, which makes the output impedance of this machine low and the damping characteristics are good. The layout is rigorous and reasonable. The pre-stage circuit The significant advantage of the tube amplifier is: Unparalleled sound effects, soft, beautiful, natural. It sounds gentlesweet, as charming as rose.

It is particularly suited to play idyllic ease and elegance of classical music. They are good choice for people who hanker for the "Original natural Sound". The best super-linear push-pull power amplifier circuit is used to make the low-frequency driving force and the sound rich.

The front stage is the SRPP amplifier circuit and the "long tail" inverter circuit, which makes the frequency response of the unit wide and distortion small. The output transformer is made The front stage and an inverter circuit used in all five 6J1 tube connected to three tubes 3. The high voltage power supply for the automatic power-on control delay 4. The ad hoc ultra-linear UL and tertiary TR connection capabilities 5.

Can effectively filter out the AC grid interference and clutter, making your audio background more quiet, more clear and penetrating voice. Can effectively remove or reduce the TV in the snow, the images clearer, more gorgeous color.

Can prevent engine, switch lamp, fluorescent stroboscopic, washing machine of refrigerator rotation, starting and computer User-selected amplifier modes, UT Ultra linear mode provides greater output power and TR Triode mode does smooth and rich sound.

Class A push-pull power amplifier to reduce distortion; 3. User-selected pure post-stage and integrated modes; 4. Utilizes the audiophile capacitors and high quality metal precision resistors dedicated for audio frequency; 5. Output transformers manufactured with Japanese silicon steel sheet and oxygen-free enameled copper and high quality lacquer, Here is a new Yaqin MCT integrated stereo amplifier. These are excellent sounding amplifiers with huge transformers.

This amp puts out some amazing sound and has more than enough power at 52 watts per side. It uses 4 EL's and 12AT7's.

Quite heavy at over 50lbs. The output transformer adopts and imports the silicon steel sheet of audio frequency 0. Utilizes the audiophile Description: 1. This phono stage can be used with an integrated amplifier which has volume control.Welcome, Guest.

Please login or register. Default Google Bing. Home Help Login Register. Lindsay Gearhead Posts: There haven't been any novice builds on here lately so I thought I'd put up my current project using cheap Russian valves.

The chassis is a 2mm aluminium folded and tig welded xx65 pan. I'm building from a "Thrifty pushy croacker" schematic over at PPwatt. This is my first attempt using a tag strip layout. It will be interesting to see how my layout goes as I've already created a few headaches with the placement of the tag strips. Been looking at Impact builds for inspiration.

Gee how does Darryl shoehorn a 30W amplifier into a matchbox??? Photos depict current build status. Awaiting another order from Evacto finish off components. Looks pretty cool Lindsay. Digging that groovy earth buss. Cheers Joe. Typed according to the german purity law of reinheitsgebot "the internet is the worlds biggest AMP, complete with every distortion feature you could dream of".

Wiring complete. VVR will be added once the amp is up and running correctly Fired up amp today. Has a heap of gain but cleans up nicely and is very loud for a small amp through Kombi's Laney closed back Greenback cab. Well done Lindsay - a very neat piece of craftsmenship. Hum issue sorted with a heater virtual centre tap to cathode of a power tube.

Still a bit up in the air about the tone, sound great at high levels but a bit mundane when clean. Do you have the ability to do a demo video? I'm interested to learn more about the design Bulldozed, you are correct re the 6V6.

The design is based on the Lite IIb from 18 watt. I can't really record a video other than Iphone. I'll give the 6U8 a go in the pre-amp to see if that warms it up.Hello friends for a long time I worked on the amp my bitirdim. I have labored so long and at the end of my Uras results I have achieved some positive results.

Amplifier is a very simple applicationonly 2 lamp input and output stages are usedstereo birdevr 3 one lamp be done with this simplicity downloaded sound very nice thereespecially the upper and middle frequencies a great, I own my work input lamp as the ECC83 output lamp I used the EL84 and 6p43pfuture 6p146p1p experimented with lamps as I plan to put the last point. Open, as shown in the diagram amp and a few resistors and capacitors present a simple but high quality circuit in a shake for a long time I have done a amfilerd class career as I understand, the best amp is the simplest one.

Previously normal for LM and TDA, for bridge connections but this feature of the project was shared circuits designed to bridge. Electronics Projects Tags Contact. Electronics Circuits.

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