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Cur Deus Homo? Latin for "Why a God Man? In this work he proposes the satisfaction view of the atonement. I have been often and most earnestly requested by many, both personally and by letter, that I would hand down in writing the proofs of a certain doctrine of our faith, which I am accustomed to give to inquirers; for they say that these proofs gratify them, and are considered sufficient.

This they ask, not for the sake of attaining to faith by means of reason, but that they may be gladdened by understanding and meditating on those things which they believe; and that, as far as possible, they may be always ready to convince any one who demands of them a reason of that hope which is in us.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Compare Swedish dialectal kurreMiddle Dutch corre "house dog. Related: Currishly; currishness. The suggestion, based on a misreading of a garbled note from Johnson, that it is from French coeur mechant "evil heart" is not taken seriously; nor is the notion [in Century Dictionary] that it is a corruption of corn merchant with the notion of "one who withholds food".

The first syllable may be cur "dog. Related: Curmudgeonly. The etymological sense, then, would be a dog that stays in the house, thus a guard-dog or watchdog. The form in English perhaps was influenced by Old French mestif "mongrel. The objective sense of "exciting curiosity" is by in English.

In booksellers' catalogues, the word was a euphemism for "erotic, pornographic" ; such material was called curiosathe Latin neuter plural of curiosus.

Related: Curiously; curiousness. Curiouser and curiouser is from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" The bird is a good runner. In Middle English the word sometimes also meant "quail," especially in Bible translations. Also applied in Middle English to a low-bred or lazy man. The meaning "child" is fromthough the word was used in playful reproof from As a nickname for a Yorkshireman, from c.

Where it's at attested from The term pseudo-science is hybrid, and therefore objectionable. Pseudognosy would be better etymology, but the unlearned might be apt to association with it the idea of a dog's noseand thus, instead of taking "the eel of science by the tail," take the cur of science by the snout; so that all things considered we had better adopt the current term pseudo-sciences ["The Pseudo-Sciences," in "The St. Curious and inquisitive may be used in a good or a bad sense, but inquisitive is more often, and prying is only, found in the latter.

Curious expresses only the desire to know; inquisitivethe effort to find out by inquiry; pryingthe effort to find out secrets by looking and working in improper ways.

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Follow Vocabeasy. Get Best English Books.A dog considered to be inferior or undesirable; a mongrel. Switch to new thesaurus.

cur latin

Canis familiarisdogdomestic dog - a member of the genus Canis probably descended from the common wolf that has been domesticated by man since prehistoric times; occurs in many breeds; "the dog barked all night". Related words collective noun cowardice. Mentioned in? References in classic literature?

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Sniffing at his dead feet whined a mangy native cur. At sight of the two emerging from the hut the beast gave an ugly snarl and an instant later as it caught the scent of the strange white man it raised a series of excited yelps. The yapping cur was still at Korak's heels leading the searchers unerringly in pursuit. These startling announcements filled the blacks with a combination of terror and rage; but, seeing no foe in evidence they were enabled to permit their rage to get the better of their terror, and so the leaders, pushed on by those behind them, ran rapidly around the hut in the direction of the yapping of the mangy cur.

Here they found a single white warrior making away with their captive, and recognizing him as the author of numerous raids and indignities and believing that they had him cornered and at a disadvantage, they charged savagely upon him. His progress must of necessity be slow since not even the keen-eared curs of the savages must guess the presence of a stranger within the gates.

But with the girl on his shoulder Korak could not both run and fight to advantage, and the result was that before he had covered half the distance to the tree a score of native curs attracted by the yelping of their mate and the yells and shouts of their masters had closed in upon the fleeing white man, snapping at his legs and at last succeeding in tripping him.

View in context. All were at a loss on whom to fix the crime of abstracting the invaluable skin, when by chance the eyes of the worthies from beyond the water fell upon an unhappy curbelonging to the owner of the hut.

And that queer white cur with the brown ear seems to be leaping and barking in ineffectual remonstrance with the wheel; perhaps he is jealous because his playfellow in the beaver bonnet is so rapt in its movement.

If it be so, we'll have physicians, And Faustus shall be cur 'd. A cur. But he wouldn't have done it, my Flintwinch, unless he had known them to have the will to silence him, without the power. I bowed and returned the pledge; beginning to perceive that it would be foolish to sit sulking for the misbehaviour of a pack of curs ; besides, I felt loth to yield the fellow further amusement at my expense; since his humour took that turn.

Dictionary browser? Full browser?From Latin culus. Compare Romanian cur. Compare Romanian curecur modern curgecurg. From Latin cor.

cur latin

First declension. Third declension. For other Indo-European cognates, compare:. Compare Italian culoFrench cul. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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He threw the soapsuds skilfully over a wretched little yellow cur he had, then turning his face to the agent's house, he shouted from the distance, "All the men gone last night! The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. First declension Bare forms no plural of this noun Case Singular Nominative cur Vocative a chuir Genitive cuir Dative cur Forms with the definite article : Case Singular Nominative an cur Genitive an chuir Dative leis an gcur don chur.

Declension of cur. Third declension Bare forms no plural of this noun Case Singular Nominative cur Vocative a chur Genitive curtha Dative cur Forms with the definite article : Case Singular Nominative an cur Genitive an churtha Dative leis an gcur don chur. Cur in terra iaces?

Why are you lying on the ground? Cur y muc shen magh hoshiaght.

cur latin

Under the breast of the hero covered in wounds, victorious in battle, you are the son of Findchoem who is equal to me.

Namespaces Entry Discussion. Views Read Edit History. Bare forms no plural of this noun Case Singular Nominative. Forms with the definite article : Case Singular Nominative. Note: Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every possible mutated form of every word actually occurs.Scio quid causae sit cur Thomas adsit. Atque causae cur laetemur re ipsa Nobis bonae immo optimae praebentur.

Cur Britanniarum Regnum invisas? Sermo ad sodales Radiophonicae Societatis Italiae, d. VI, p. Cur absque me inisti?

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Cur non? Conscii nempe nobis universi illius christianorum officii, quo suas ad partes missionali operi progressuique populorum […] pauperum conferendas obstringuntur, interrogare ipsi nos debemus cuncti cur pluribus in Nationibus, crescentibus quidem candidatorum numeris, periculum […] tamen subsit ne missionariae vocationes evanescant quae veram regulam sive mensuram praebent donationis pro fratribus.

Cur non possumus sistere ut de hoc cogitemus? Cur filium meum accusas? Profecto est, cur confidamus arduum hoc opus prospere feliciterque esse cessurum; nam vos, Venerabiles Fratres ac dileeti […] filii, estis Ecclesiae administri, viri ecclesiastici, scientissimi rerum, quas nostra tempora postulant. Cur me non audis? En ratio cur martyrum testimonium ad hodiernum diem admirationem moveat, auditionem inveniat et uti exemplum sumatur.

Cur haec terra indiget nobis? Cur Ecclesia hoc argumentum et hoc invitamentum iterum proponit? Ex huiusmodi sanctitatis lumine ea suavitas et dulcedo profecta est, qua dum viveret, ipsamque post mortem, omnium sibi conciliavit animos, etsi varia […] origine et humanitate distinctos; indeque nunc aptissime intellegimus, cur tennis demissusque Peruvianae nationis filius illi Sanctae Catharinae […] Senensi comparatus sit, quae et ipsa Dominicianae familiae micantissimum habetur sidus, quaeque in sanctorum album quinque abhinc saecula relata est: haec, quia praeclara doctrina et animi firmitate excelluit, ille, quia usum agitationemque vitae ad christiana praecepta, in omni vita, conformavit.

Quod si hac de re gloriamur vel potius gratias Deo […] semper agimus 29id etiam causa esse debet, cur nos graviore officio obstrictos sentiamus sive erga Deum, […] cui erit nobis tanti beneficii reddenda ratio; sive erga Ecclesiam, in qua tum hanc persuasionem, tum studium et propositum huius veluti thesauri servandi excitare debemus, quem S.

Paulus depositum appellat 30 ; sive denique erga fratres, a nostra communione seiunctos, atque homines universos, ut omnes una nobiscum donum Dei participent.

Ah, ya entiendo. Cur nihil edis? Odio esta mierda de juego tatoeba tatoeba. Eadem potestati legitimae cives vult esse subiectos, ut Dei ministris; eosque cum rectoribus reipublicae non obedientia solum, sed verecundia et amore coniungit, interdictis seditionibus, cunctisque […] incaeptis quae ordinem tranquillitatemque publicam perturbare queant, quaeque tandem caussam afferunt cur maioribus frenis libertas civium constringatur.

Bueno, la misma vieja historia de los marines de la primera vatican. Cur tot homines fame pereunt? No se trata de esculturas sino de la vida real vatican. In regione magis proprie doctrinarum satis est lucidas cogitare Mediolanensis Pastoris christologicas formas, quas Ecclesia Graeca reddidit magnique aestimavit sicut et […] Concilia saeculi V et VII, et quae explicant cur hodie pariter apud Orientis fratres et sorores tanti Ambrosius aestimetur. Cur dormis? Cur caelum caeruleum est?

Hisce singulis universis libenter gratulamur, gratumque hoc loco animum patefacimus Nostrum, cum Ecclesia abunde habeat cur de missionalibus suis sanctissime glorie tur, qui vel in Africa, vel ubicumque possunt, suum ipsorum expleant munus.

Ya es bastante por esta noche. Cur me detestaris? Este aspecto debe tenerse en cuenta cuando se fijen las fechas para el equipamiento obligatorio tatoeba tatoeba.

cur latin

His illud adiungatur quod ex eo phaenomeno quod hodie pluralismus dicitur provenit; qui pluralismus, quem homines hodierni non in civili dumtaxat sed etiam in ecclesiali consortione impensius in dies persentiunt, peculiarem expostulare […] videtur criticae discretionis aptitudinem: eaque difficultas nova fit causa cur exigentior in dies formatio intellectualis sit perspicienda.

Yo llevo esto vatican. Se han encontrado frases en 5 ms.Posted By: Dattatreya Mandal June 4, Previously, we had covered the 25 Incredible Ancient Roman Quotesthough translated in their English forms. This time around, we decided to include the original Latin phrases and sayings uttered by the various eminent ancient Roman poets, philosophers, generals, and even emperors.

Interestingly enough, it should be noted that Cicero himself was killed at the orders of Mark Antony Marcus Antonius. Here are two of the ancient Roman Latin phrases mentioned by Virgil —.

Horace or Quintus Horatius Flaccus 65 BC — 8 BCwas the foremost Roman lyric poet contemporary to the Augustan period, who dabbled in both hexameter verses and caustic iambic poetry. He was also an officer in the republican army that was defeated at the Battle of Philippi in 42 BC. Here are some of the ancient Roman Latin phrases and sayings mentioned by Horace —.

Unfortunately, his very connection to political affairs brought forth his demise — when Lucius was forced to commit suicide for his alleged role in the Pisonian conspiracy to assassinate Nero.

And while not much is known about his private life, it has been hypothesized that Juvenal was possibly a son or adopted son of a rich freedman, and was born in Aquinum, central Italy.

It is also conjectured that Juvenal was a pupil of Quintilian and a practitioner of rhetoric, while his career as a satirist began late in his life. And furthermore, like many of his fellow Roman poets, Juvenal might have been exiled by either Emperor Trajan or Domitianthough the place of his exile is debated in the academic world. Here are some of the ancient Roman Latin phrases and sayings mentioned by Juvenal —.

It pertains to the Latin translation of the first two Greek lines of the Aphorismione of the treatises of the Corpus — the renowned collection of ancient medical works often attributed to the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates.

The Latin phrase is derived from the Vulgate and in the narrative is presented as being spoken by Jesus to Peter. According to historical estimation, the Gospel of Mark was written during the 1st century at least before 90 AD, possibly between 66—70 AD — which makes it the earliest known written gospel, though the authorship still remains anonymous. Like some eminent Romans of his time, Pliny also had a career in the military with his high-status post as a naval and army commander in the early Roman empire.

Pliny later died in the catastrophic eruption of Mouth Vesuvius AD 79 on the beach at Stabiae, and hence was one of the famous yet unfortunate eye-witnesses to the destruction of Pompeii reconstructed in this article. There were some eminent names among his students, including Pliny the Younger and possibly Tacitus and Juvenal.

And such was his influence in Rome and its circle of education especially for the ruling class that later on he was made a consul by Emperor Vespasian.

But he is mostly known for being the greatest Roman general of his time, who completed the conquest of Gaul and launched the first Roman invasion of Britain.